The most flexible Trade Copier on the market!

Multi-Broker, Multi-Currency, Flexible and Designed for High-Frequency Trading

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    The Fastest Trade-Copier
    Our internal latency is usually below 1 ms. Our servers are based in London (LD4) and New-York (NY4) datacenters to be as close as possible from your broker.
    Our Fast Technology
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    MT4, MT5, cTrader, FXCM, LMax, FIX API
    Our trade-copier is so flexible that you can even have accounts using different technologies? You can copy trades from MT4 to cTrader, from cTrader to MT5, ...
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    Remote Trade Copier
    Save money with our cutting edge technology. With our trade copier you do not need any VPS running 24/24. With Duplikium, everything is in the cloud...
    Remote Trade Copier
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Welcome to the World of our Trade Copier

MT4, MT5, cTrader, FXCM Trade Station, LMax or various FIX APIs, whatever is the technology we can copy trades from/to these platforms.

You can trade manually from your mobile phone or you can attach your trading robots (EA) to your master account(s) and the trades will be copied to all your slave account(s).

Our trade copier is self-hosted, it means that you do not need to keep your computed or VPS running, everything is managed by us on our own servers.

The only FX, CFD and Crypto Trade Copier for professionals

Trade Forex and CFD from a Master account and duplicate trades to as many accounts (Slave) as you want and on different brokers. The speed and the flexibility are our priorities. We support high-frequency trading. This perfectly fits Asset Managers' and Signal Providers' needs.

  • Multi-broker Portfolio Management System (PMS), also known as Trade-Copier
  • Multi-currency
  • High flexibility in risk management (risk factor)
  • Web cockpit:
    • Accounts settings
    • Monitoring
    • Reporting
  • Use it for free with 1 Master and up to 2 Slaves
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