The fastest trade copier

The speed of a trade-copier is extremely important and can definitely improve your trading performance.

A lot of trade-copiers on the market are very slow and are measuring their latency in seconds...  our trade-copier is the quickest on the market. The speed of a trade-copier depends of 3 factors:

  • Internal server latency: Duplikium is usualy below 1ms
  • Network latency. This is due to the distance between the Duplikium's servers and your brokers servers. This is why our servers are based in the most famous financial Data Center in Equinix London where all the serious FX and CFD brokers base their servers, too. We are cross-connected to a lot of FX and CFD brokers. In that case, the latency is around 1ms.
  • Your broker latency. Unfortunately we are not able to have an impact on this. Serious brokers are able to manage your trade quickly and some others brokers are voluntary delaying your trades. This is your job to find a good broker. For instance, LMax is able to execute your order in a few milliseconds. LMax is the quickest broker that we know on the market.

Duplikium is able to copy a trade and to receive the execution's confirmation in less than 5ms (round-trip).

How can this help you to save money?

A low latency trade execution will guarantee you to decrease the slippage and to decrease the re-quote (or Off-quotes) from your broker. Slippage and re-quote is an extreme bad factor for your trading performance. With our cutting-edge technology we help you to maximize your trading profits.