Duplikium is an online tool that allows Forex and CFD traders to copy/duplicate trade from one (or more) Master account to several Slaves. It perfectly fits Asset Managers', Signal Providers' or Traders' needs. Simple to use, reliable and extremely flexible. This is the perfect service to grow your trading business.
Unlimited number of Master accounts to copy your trades
Multi-Master / Multi-Slave
As Master: all MT4, cTrader and FIX API brokers
As Slave: all MT4, cTrader brokers, FXCM, LMAX, FIX API
Multi-Currency account
Your account is in USD, EUR, JPY, CHF or other?  We manage it!
Reverse Trading
Your Master buys? We send a sell order to your Slaves... You can transform a loosing strategy to a winning strategy for your Slaves
SMS and Email Alerts
Receive a SMS and/or an email when the connection to your broker is lost (or recovered) and when an order fails.
Slaves trades size defined by Risk Factor
Flexible on the Slave level (one risk factor per Slave)
or Risk Factor by group for easy settings
Partial Close supported
Partial close is supported by our trade copier for all brokers
Manual Positions in the Slave accounts still possible
You stay free to manually manage your Slaves account. You can open, close or modify positions
No installation needed on your side
Everything works and is setup in the Cloud
No setup fees

Nothing to install, nothing to pay...

Low fees based on volume
Pay a monthly subscription that already includes a certain volume of transaction. Then, you pay a very low per million fees (DPM).
High Frequency trading is Welcome
With us and our up-to-date technology, you benefit from the best speed to trade.
Online Payment by Credit-Card
Pay and manage your wallet online with Paypal and Skrill (coming soon).

FREE MT4 Trade Copier
1 Master and 1 Slave accounts.
Can be used with cTrader, FXCM, LMax and FIX API.
You just have to register to our
FREE Trader Copier offer!

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