Trade Copier - FXCM

FXCM Trading Station is supported!

Duplikium Supports Trading Station, an FXCM's proprietary Forex and CFD trading platform that offers advanced functionalities, powerful analytical tools for chart traders, & more


Forex Capital Markets, better known as FXCM, is an international online Foreign exchange market broker based in the United States. The available platforms supported by our Trade Copier is FXCM and their own "Trading Station". So, if you are an FXCM client and if you need to copy or duplicate trades between accounts, our solution is the right one for you!

A few minor limitations with FXCM Trading Station:

  • FXCM Trading Station does not allow editing the content of the "Comment" column. ("Comment" is available on cTrader platform and is an optional feature)
  • The copy/hosting of pending orders on an FXCM Trading Station Slave account is not available. Pending orders will be copied with a market order once triggered on the Master account. Nonetheless, SL and TP are supported and copied/hosted on the Slave at the time of creation.