Trade Copier - LMAX

LMAX broker and platforms are supported!

LMAX is fully integrated and is one of the fastest and most reliable brokers we support.


LMAX is an exchange based in London. LMAX is an order-driven and low-latency brokerage provider. If the strategy you want to copy on your clients' accounts requires a low-latency execution, combining Duplikium's Trade Copier solution and of the LMAX is for sure one of the best solutions in the market.

Features limitations with LMAX:

  • LMAX does not allow editing the content of the "Comment" column. ("Comment" is available on cTrader platform and is an optional feature)
  • The copy/hosting of the SL and TP to/from an LMAX account is not available. However, SL/TP will be copied with a market order once triggered on the Master account. LMAX offers a "Netting" account, which means that trades are not segregated, the trades are sum up, and you cannot have a long and short position simultaneously. With a "Netting Account", it is impossible to copy the SL and TP to/from an LMAX account in a relevant way.