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Asset Managers, Signal Providers or Professional Traders often need to have the same trading strategy applied to several accounts. They could manually trade in each account, but this would not be efficient at all. They have delay in trade execution, they can do mistakes, they are losing their time and so on. With the help of Duplikium, these forex trading professionals can now focus on their core business, which is to generate performing trading ideas for their clients.

We are offering a very high level of quality, stability and speed. Our product is Swiss Made. It is extremely flexible, stable, quick and easy to use. Our trade copier does not have any direct competitor on the market. With Duplikium you are able to copy your trades on several different brokers/technologies like Metatrader (MT4), cTrader, FXCM, LMAX, FIX API, ...

Yes, you can have a full access to the service. The limitation is just the number of Master(1) and Slave(1) that you are allowed to use. There is also a daily and monthly volume/trades restrictions. To get it, you just have to sign up for free and then enjoy the best trade copier on the market.

No. As soon as you have registered your Master(s)/Slave(s) in the cockpit everything will be managed directly on our servers (in our cloud). You do not need to keep your PC running 24/24 anymore.

While it is working with MT4 it is not for MT5. For MT5, you always have to register your account (Master and Slave) with the main trading password.

Yes, you are allowed to use as many Masters as you want that are included in your paid subscription. If needed we even offer a pack of 5 new Masters that you can add for 10 EUR per month.

With our "Free" subscription and Prepay, you can only use 1 Master or you can buy a pack of 5 additional Masters for 10 EUR per month.

If you have mutliple Masters and multiple Slaves and if you want a unique Slave to follow a specific Master you can do this with the RiskFactor:

- Define a RiskFactor of 0 for all the other Slaves for this specific Master. It will avoid the Slaves to follow the Master.

- Define a RiskFactor different than 0 for the only Slave that must follow the Master.


No, the trade copier is working on the Duplikium's servers. Our trade copier works in the cloud. The cockpit is just a tool to set the parameters of the trade copier and to view the accounts activity (open and closed trades, orders, ...)

Yes, reverse trading is available with our trade copier. In the Cockpit, you can simply set the Risk Factor with a negative value. For instance:

In this example, if you sell 1.5 lot with your Master, it will buy 3 lots for your Slave.

If your broker's server name is not registered in our trade copier yet, please just send us an email at and we will add it as soon as possible.

Yes, our forex trade copier can work using a fixed lot size allocation (Risk Factor). We offer a wide variety of Risk Factors allowing you to define the risk taken by the slave account(s).

This is the list of all the Risk Factor methods available in our trade copier:

  • Auto Risk (on Equity, Balance or Free Margin)
  • Fixed Multiplier
  • Fixed Lot
  • Fixed Leverage (on Equity, Balance or Free Margin)

You can find detailed explanations on our Risk Factor settings by following this link.

Off course, all the trades that you have opened manually in your account will not be linked to the trade copier. The trade copier will just ignore the manual trades.

You can also close a trade that has been opened by the trade copier. In that case, the trade copier will just consider the order as closed.

Yes, we offer a web service api that allow you to connect your own application to our trade copier server. With our web service you can simply replace the Cockpit to built your own control panel.

With the web service you can add/update/remove accounts, you can add/update/remove Risk Factor, etc.

If you want to get access to our web service documentation, please juste send us an email at

No, we do not allow an account to be used by multiple users. On a case by case basis analysis, we can allow it, but it is an exception.

Yes, clients having a paid subscription or a prepay plan can automatically receive an email and/or SMS alert. This option is available in the cockpit on a per account basis:

SMS and Email alert

We have to compute the trade volume for 2 purposes: orders fees for prepay plan and subscriptions volume limitation (for Light subscription and Free subscription)

The volume is always expressed in EUR and is the notional value of the order. Usually a standard lot is 100'000 units. For instance 2 EUR/USD lots is equivalent to 200'000 EUR. 1 lot of USD/CHF is equivalent to 89'000 EUR (if EUR/USD rate is 1.1235). The trade copier always takes the current market rate to convert the volume in EUR.

Yes, you can use the filters feature to define a Blacklist or a Whitelist of Symbols to copy.

Yes, our advanced fx trade copier can copy all your pending orders like Limit or Stop orders. Moreover, it can copy your StopLoss and TakeProfit, too.

This feature is only available for Metatrader 4 (MT4) and cTrader.

Yes, our advanced forex trade copier can copy all your protections orders like StopLoss and TakeProfit. Moreover, it can copy your Limit and Stop orders, too.

This feature is only available for Metatrader 4 (MT4) and cTrader.

No, since the trade copier is trading on the Slave account it needs to use the "main" password.

No directly. It means that the trade copier will close the Slave position as soon as the Master StopLoss or TakeProfit is triggered. However, the StopLoss or TakeProfit is not copied (hosted) directly on the Slave account. With a paid subscription, the StopLoss and TakeProfit can be copied directly on the Slave account.

There is nothing to download. Everything is managed on our side. It is a CLOUD trade copier. You just have to register for FREE here:

Then you can access the Cockpit where you will define your Master and your Slave accounts.

Running trades on the Master cannot be copied, only trades occuring after the initial setup are copied.

Yes, you can close trades from the Cockpit. Only Slave's trades, not Master trades.

You cannot copy/duplicate new trades (to open) from your Master(s) to the Slave that is using a Prepay plan. However, the closing of trades is always possible.

In summary, if your eWallet is empty and your Slave is linked to a Prepay plan:

  • A trade to open a new position is not possible anymore
  • A trade to close an existing position remains functional

If you need to continue to copy/duplicate trades, please deposit cash in your Virtual eWallet by going in your Cockpit -> Reporting -> "Recharge your eWallet"

When your subscription reaches its daily or monthly limit it becomes a Prepay plan. So if you have funds in your eWallet you will be able to continue to copy trades. However, if your eWallet is empty you will not be able to copy/duplicate new trades (to open) from your Master(s) to the Slave that reached its activity limit. The closing of trades is always possible.

In summary, if your eWallet is empty and if your subscription's limits has been reached:

  • A trade to open a new position is not possible anymore
  • A trade to close an existing position remains functional

If you need to continue to copy/duplicate trades, please deposit cash in your Virtual eWallet by going in your Cockpit -> Reporting -> "Recharge your eWallet"

You can also click on the below button:

- With the FREE plan you can use 1 Master and 1 Slave, forever.
- The number of orders per day/month are limited.
- The volume per day/month is limited.
- A few advanced options are not available

The restrictions are listed here:

FREE MT4 Trade Copier
1 Master and 1 Slave accounts.
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