Trade Copier Pricing for businesses of all sizes

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All plans include:

 Regular free updates
 Access anytime, anywhere
 No contracts
 Automatic backups
 Responsive mobile design
 No software install
 Secure data protection
 IPhone, IPad, Android friendly
 No IT headaches
Use it for Free
Free Trade-Copier
For Masters and/or Slaves
  • 1 Slave and 1 Master:
    • Forever
    • max daily volume: 10 lots
    • max monthly volume: 20 lots
    • max orders per day: 20
    • max orders per month: 50
    • No TakeProfit and no StopLoss updates
  • You are 100% free to use the tool with 1 Master and 1 Slave
    • If you need more Slaves, you can add some later
    • If you need more Masters, you can add some later
  • No SMS or email alerts
  • No Active Monitoring
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