Netting account and Pending order, Stop Loss and Take Profit

Brokers often offer 2 types of account: Netting (FIFO) and Hedging. The Trade Copier supports the 2 types. The Trade Copier will copy the trades according to the account type, but there are additional considerations which you need to bear in mind.

Netting accounts is where there is a single position per symbol, rather than hedging accounts which have separate tickets for each buy and sell. It means that trades are not segregated, the trades are sum up and you cannot have a long and short position at the same time. This makes impossible to copy and host SL and TP to/from a Netting account in a relevant way.

However please note that it should not be an issue, as soon as SL or TP is triggered, it will send a relevant market order. You will always have the same position, but the way it is triggered is different.

Pending order are fully supported for MT4 and MT5 netting account, they can be copied and hosted on the slave account. However for cTrader and Lmax they are not supported, but as soon as a Limit or Stop order is triggered, it will send a market to the slave as well.