You can add more Masters and Slaves depending of your needs anytime. Just buy a pack of 2 additional Masters for 5 EUR per month or subscribe to our unlimited plans starting at 19 EUR without any restrictions.

It's easy! Go to the menu Pricing and choose a more powerful plan.

We have 3 offers:

  • Free plan: With volume restrictions and less features.
  • Prepay Plan: Interesting for small accounts. You would make a deposit in your eWallet and we'd charge per order of trade copy.
  • Unlimited plan: (starting at 19 EUR) without any restrictions; plans can be combined


To assign your new subscription to your Slave account, go to Slaves -> Accounts and click on the "Subscription/Expiration" column and select your plan for your slave.

You can also add Masters accounts anytime.

Learn more about our Prepay plan, Unlimited plans and Additional masters plan.

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