7) Subscribe for additional Slaves or Masters using our Flexible or Prepay plan

You can add more Masters and Slaves depending of your needs anytime. Just buy a Flexible Pack with the number of accounts that you want to add. Or you can subscribe to our Prepay Plan, you can use an unlimited number of masters and slaves, and you will pay function of the order and volume copied.

It's easy! Go to the menu Pricing and choose a more powerful plan.

We have 3 offers:

  • Free plan: With volume restrictions and less features.
  • Prepay Plan: (2 EUR per standard lot traded) You pay on the volume per order copied. Unlimited number of masters and slaves. Interesting for small accounts. Few features are not available.
  • Flexible plan: (starting at 19 EUR per account) You pay per account connected, without any restrictions on volume and all features are available.

To assign your new subscription to your Slave account, go to Slaves -> Accounts and click on the "Subscription/Expiration" column and select your plan for your slave.

You can also add Masters accounts anytime.


Learn more about our Prepay plan and Flexible plan.