If you are managing dozen of clients with the same settings (risk factor, symbols mapping,...) you can use our group management tool in order to set up common parameters in a single place for all your slaves accounts at once. Learn more below how to use the group settings.


To see, manage, edit or add a Group, go in the tab « Groups», you will see an overview of all the existing Group created and you can update the different settings and parameters.

Read more about Group Settings in the next section.

groups overview

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Group settings

First you have to create a new group, just click on "Add New Group", you are prompted to fill the "Create a new Group" form, just provide the name of your group that will be used to identify your Group in the cockpit and click on "Confirm Create" to validate.

Then you will be asked to define the group settings containing mainly the Risk Factors.

new group

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After having created a new group with the name of your choice you can now define the risk factor and other common parameters in the “Group Settings” and/or “Symbols Settings”.

In the “Advanced Account Settings” popup window, you can either define a “Global Risk Factor” that will be used for all registered masters or you can set risk factors master by master. The “Global Risk Factor” will be used for all masters that you don’t set a specific risk factor. Learn more about Risk Factor and Account Settings.

If you want to copy some symbols with a specific risk factor, you can use our “Symbols Settings” tool and define which risk you would like to take for each symbols separately. It will override any risk factor already defined and if you are trading others symbols not specified in this list the default risk factor will be applied. Learn more about Symbols Settings.

groups settings

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Once the configuration of your group settings done, just define this group for all the slaves accounts you want, for this go in “Slaves -> Accounts” and click on the “+” button in the “Group” column next to the account settings.

slave group

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