To start following your Signal Provider through the Duplikium Trade Copier you first need to register to our service.

You should have received a link from your Signal Provider giving you access to the service (if not please contact your Signal Provider), then just click on this link, you will be redirected to the Duplikium Trade Copier application form.

In the application, you just need to provide your username, email and password, no more information are required. And then click on the "Register and Check out" button to proceed.


Once your application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation to your registered email. Please verify your email and confirm your application.

You are ready to start to use our Trade Copier ! Just click on the "Proceed to Dashboard" to begin the configuration of your account.


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Now that you have registered with our Trade Copier, you have to add your Follower account in order to start to copy trades.

Just click on "Add New Account" under the "Follover" tab.


You are prompted to fill the "Create a new Slave" form, just provide your credentials details as follow:

  • Custom Name: this is the name used to identify your Slave in the cockpit
  • Broker/Technology: select the technology or broker use to connect to your account (MT4, MT5, cTrader, LMAX, FIX, TWS,...)
  • Login: this is the login use to connect to your account on the platform of your broker
  • Password: enter here your broker account password, it has to be the Trader password
  • Server: this is your broker account server
  • Subscription: select your plan here, for now you have only access to the Free plan of your Signal Provider, you will be able to change it later, check with your Signal Provider if he will pay for you or not.


Once all information entered correctly, you can confirm the creation of your new Slave!

Your Slave account appears now in your Cockpit under the tab "Followers"->"Accounts"


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Now that your Follower account is set up, you have to define size of the orders that need to be copied from your Signal Provider.

Please contact your Signal Provider to help you select the Risk Factor that meets the profile of the strategy and your risk aversion according to your account balance.

For this, click on "Account Settings", there you can define the Risk Factor that defines the trade size that needs to be copied on your Follower account.

Learn more about the Account Settings.


This is the list of all the Risk Factor methods available in our Trade Copier:
1. Auto Risk (on Equity, Balance or Free Margin)
2. Fixed Multiplier
3. Fixed Lot
4. Fixed Leverage (on Equity, Balance or Free Margin)

Learn more about the Risk Factor.


Finally save your settings by clicking on the "Save" button.

You are ready to follow your first trade, congratulations!

Important notes:

Symbols Settings: (Learn more here)

​By default, our Trade Copier is able to automatically define the suffix by itself. For instance EURUSD to EURUSDm or USDCHF to USDCHFpro, etc. ​ ​However, for complex symbols like XAUUSD to Gold or XTI to Oil, etc. you will need to use the "Symbols Settings" functionality (in "Follower-> Accounts"). It will allow you to define which Signal Provider symbol corresponds to which Follower symbol.

In the case your Signal Provider is trading complex symbols and these symbols are not the same than on your Follower account, please contact your Signal Provider to help you assist to setup the Symbols Settings.

Pending/StopLoss/TakeProfit (Learn more here)

Our advanced Trade Copier can copy all pending orders like Limit or Stop orders. Moreover, it can copy StopLoss (SL) and TakeProfit (TP), too. With a Free plan, the Trade Copier will close the Follower position as soon as the Signal Provider StopLoss or TakeProfit is triggered. However, the StopLoss or TakeProfit is not copied (hosted) directly on the Follower account. With a Paid plan, the StopLoss and TakeProfit can be copied directly on the Follower account if you enable the corresponding options in the Follower account setting in the column "Copy Master's Pending/SL/TP".

In case your Signal Provider uses Pending, SL or TP orders they will be manage properly by the Trade Copier no matter you are using a Free or Paid plan and no matter you have enable the copy of these orders, please contact your Signal Provider to learn more about the strategy and the orders type used.

Others advanced settings (Learn more here)

It up to you to use or not others advanced settings like Global Account Protection, Orders Filters, Globals Settings, Open/Close Only Mode,...

Please note that using such settings is at your own responsabilities and could leads to differents results that the one promises by your Signal Provider.

If you need more information on specific settings that should be used, please contact your Signal Provider.

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Once your Follower account is properly set up as shown in previous steps, all you have to do now, is to monitor the trades placed by you Signal Provider that are copied to your trading account.

On the Trade Copier cockpit, you can have a look at the Open and Closed Positions made by your Signal Provider under the tab "Provider -> Open Positions" and "Provider -> Closed Positions".

To learn more on the different columns significations, please check the tutorial here for Open Positions and here for Closed Positions.

masters accounts

To verify what are the orders copied and the open and closed positions on your Follower account, please go under the "Follower-> Open Positions", "Follower-> Closed Positions" and "Follower-> Orders". If you see in the tab "Orders" that an order failed to copy you can learn more how to resolve failed orders.

To learn more on the different columns significations, please check the tutorial here for Open Positions, here for Closed Positions and here for Orders copied.

masters accounts

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