3) Manage your Followers

When you request the Provider/Follower Trade Copier we will provide you with a link to send to your follower in order for them to subscribe to your signal. Learn more on the Follower registration.

Once a follower has registered to the Duplikium Trade Copier and added his trading account in his own cockpit, he will appears as Follower in you own cockpit under the tab "Followers - Accounts".

When a new Follower register you will have to decide to either pay the service for him to let the Follower pays itself. For this, you can edit the subscription either by selecting the client in the list and click on "Edit Follower" or directly click in the column "Subscription/Expiration" and select the plan of your choice.

In order to pay the subscription to your Followers, you will have to subscribe to an unlimited pack for the number of Followers you want before. Learn more on the subscription and particularly on the Unlimited Plan packs.

When the Follower account is registered you will be able to see the following information on his trading account:

  • Email: email address used to register
  • Custom name: name provided to identify their trading account
  • Environnement: indicates if this is a Demo or Live account (for ctrader only)
  • Broker: broker’s technology (MT4/MT5, cTrader, FXCM, FIX,…)
  • Login: login id of the trading account
  • Server: broker’s server name
  • Ccy: base currency of their trading account
  • Balance, Equity and Free Margin: current balance, equity and free margin of their trading account
  • State: trading account status (connected, disconnected or any errors)
  • Subscription/Expiration: indicates the plan attributed to your Follower


As with the Standard Trade Copier, if you need it you can also directly add yourself all your Slaves (clients/friends) brokers accounts using their credentials (you will need to know them and ask your clients). Then you will have to define the risk factor for each of them to be ready to copy trades. Learn more how to add a slave account and on the Slave's overiew tabs.


Also as with the Standard Trade Copier, you can manage groups of Slaves accounts in order to easily manage common settings. Learn more on Groups settings.