The eWallet is used to pay for the volume executed with your Prepay plan. The charges are on a per trade basis. If the eWallet is empty, no new trade opening a position will be accepted. However, you can always close existing positions.

You can see your eWallet Prepay balance in the top section. Just click on the show/hide button on the left above the section 'Masters/Slaves'. You will then see the eWallet balance.

You can recharge your eWallet by going in your Cockpit -> Your eWallet -> "Recharge your eWallet". The amount you charged on your Prepay eWallet is for lifetime, there is no expiration or duration limit to use it.


eWallet recharge

You can select one of our Prepay amount and pay via Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard), Paypal or Skrill. Bitcoin payment is also supported to pay for a Prepay plan, you can recharge your prepay eWallet using bitcoins.

Prepay trade-copier plan

Your eWallet is also used to pay for alerts sent by SMS or email if this is not included in you pack.