For testing purposes, you can sign up for our free trial, with the "Free" plan you can use:

  • 1 Master and 1 Slave, forever.
  • The number of orders per day/month are limited.
  • The volume per day/month is limited.
  • A few advanced options are not available.


Here are the volume and orders limitations with our Free Plan:

  • max daily volume: 10 standard lots
  • max monthly volume: 20 standard lots
  • max orders per Day: 20
  • max orders per Month: 50


Free monthly volume is calculated from the Slave point of view which resets every 30 days.

For the Slave on the Free plan, you won't be able to use "Symbol Settings" including mapping symbols, Global Settings, Filters, StopLoss and TakeProfit.

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When you create your account you start on the free plan. No credit card details are required. With the free plan you can test our Trade Copier with one Master and one Slave, limitations apply.

Please visit the following section to learn more about our free plan and discover how to start using our Trade Copier.

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