Add more Masters/Slaves

You can add more Masters and Slaves depending of your needs anytime.

You can eiher:

1. Buy a Flexible Pack with the number of accounts that you want to add, without any limitations.

2. Subscribe to our Prepay Plan, you can use an unlimited number of masters and slaves, and you will pay function of the order and volume copied.

If you have already a Flexible Pack, just subscribe to a new Flexible Pack with the number of new accounts that you needs. The more account you have the less you pay per account, the existing number of account in an existing Flexible Pack is considered when computing the new pricing), you can upgrade to a new Flexible Pack for more accounts at any time.

To assign your subscription to your Slave account, go to Slaves -> Accounts and click on the "Subscription/Expiration" column and select your plan for your slave. Learn more how to assign your plan.

Check out our Prepay plan and Flexible plan.