Prepay Plan

The Prepay plan offers a very flexible use of the trade copier, it will especially fits for small accounts: you just make a deposit in your Duplikium eWallet and then you will be debited for each order depending of the trade size. ​You can connect as many Slaves as you wish with the Prepay plan.

The amount you charged on your Prepay eWallet is for lifetime, there is no expiration or duration limit to use it.

On the PrePay plan, you would have to pay for each copy of the trade to each of the respective Slave accounts, the cost is 2 EUR for 100'000 EUR equivalent (1 standard lot = 100'000 EUR equivalent), whatever is the traded instrument. 5 EUR maximum per day per Slave. The Prepay plans fees is computed on the Slave(s) volume, not on the Master volume.

When your Free subscription reaches its daily or monthly limit it becomes a Prepay plan. So if you have funds in your eWallet you will be able to continue to copy trades. However, if your eWallet is empty you will not be able to copy/duplicate new trades (to open) from your Master(s) to the Slave that reached its activity limit. The closing of trades is always possible. If you need to continue to copy/duplicate trades, please deposit cash in your Virtual eWallet by going in your Cockpit -> "Your eWallet" -> "Recharge your eWallet"

You can select one of our Prepay amount and pay via Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard), Paypal or Skrill. Bitcoin payment is also supported to pay for a Prepay plan, you can recharge your prepay eWallet using bitcoins.

Prepay trade-copier plan