You can set up the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to use YubiKey, a hardware secure token, this means that at every logging you will receive a code on your YubiKey and be prompted to enter it in order to login to your cockpit.

You can learn more on YubiKey on their website here: https://www.yubico.com/

For this please go in menu "My Account -> Two-Factor Auth" and then click on "Add a new YubiKey".

code by email

A new window will be prompted, you can indicate a friendly title for this 2FA method (you will see it when logging in so don't put any secrets in it). Then you have to indicate if this should be the default 2FA when you log in to the site, we recommend to tick this option. In the meantime, you should have received an code on your YubiKey, you are now prompted to enter the code to validate this and to confirm. The first twelve characters, which are the unique identification code for your YubiKey, will be saved.

code by email

You can edit or cancel this 2FA at anytime, just go in menu "My Account -> Two-Factor Auth". You can also "Turn Off" the 2FA, for this first you have to remove the 2FA "YubiKey" clicking on the trash in red.