Order Filters

The “Order Filters” lets you filter symbols to be copied between your Master and Slave account.

You can create either a “Whitelist” or a “Blacklist” of symbols and you can define it for all masters or for each master separately. The Blacklist and the Whitelist can be defined on the Master side or on the Slave(s) side.

A whitelist is a list of symbols that are granted to copy. When a whitelist is used, all symbols are denied, except those included in the whitelist. The opposite of a whitelist is a blacklist, which allows copying from all symbols, except those included in the list.

To configure the “Order Filters”, just go in "Masters -> Accounts" or “Slaves” -> “Accounts”, and click on little “filter” button for the slave of your choice. Once the popup opens, you can select if you want to create a whitelist or a blacklist, then select if you want to apply it to all masters or only for a specific one, and finally enter the list of symbols by clicking on the “+” green button. You can remove a symbol clicking on the “-“ red button next to symbol.

The symbol has to be the exact symbol of the master or slave and is case sensitive i.e. AUD/USD, rather than just AUDUSD.

order filter

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