3) Connect your Master account

Welcome in your Cockpit!

From here you are invited to configure your Master account in order to start to copy trades.

First, you need to add a Master account, just click on "Click to ADD" in the step 1 - Add a Master.

You are prompted to fill the "Create a new Master" form, just provide your credentials details as follow :

  • Custom Name: this is the name used to identify your Master in the cockpit
  • Broker/Technology: select the technology or broker use to connect to your account (MT4, MT5, cTrader, LMAX, FIX, TWS,...)
  • Login: this is the login use to connect to your account on the platform of your broker
  • Password: enter here your broker account password, it can be your Investor password
  • Server: this is your broker account server

Once all information entered correctly, you can confirm the creation of your new Master!



Your Master account appears now in your Cockpit under the tab "Masters"->"Accounts"