The most flexible Trade Copier on the market!

Multi-Broker, Multi-Currency, Flexible and Designed for High-Frequency Trading

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    The Fastest Trade-Copier
    Our internal latency is usually below 1 ms. Our servers are based in London (LD4) and New-York (NY4) datacenters to be as close as possible from your broker.
    Our Fast Technology
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    MT4, MT5, cTrader, FXCM, LMax, FIX API
    Our trade-copier is so flexible that you can even have accounts using different technologies? You can copy trades from MT4 to cTrader, from cTrader to MT5, ...
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    Remote Trade Copier
    Save money with our cutting edge technology. With our trade copier you do not need any VPS running 24/24. With Duplikium, everything is in the cloud...
    Remote Trade Copier
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Welcome to the World of our Trade Copier

MT4, MT5, cTrader, FXCM Trade Station, LMax or various FIX APIs, whatever is the technology we can copy trades from/to these platforms.

You can trade manually from your mobile phone or you can attach your trading robots (EA) to your master account(s) and the trades will be copied to all your slave account(s).

Our trade copier is self-hosted, it means that you do not need to keep your computer or VPS running, everything is managed by us on our own servers.

Everything works and is setup in the Cloud!

Start to copy trades in 3 minutes, no installation required on your side, no VPS, PC or server to run 24/7. You save costs and headache! Duplikium is a Remote Trade Copier and Mirror Trading Platform hosted in the Cloud.

  • Just link your Master and Slave accounts on Duplikium’s website and trade as usual on your preferred trading platform, your trades will be automatically copied on your Slave accounts
  • No software installation, no VPS, PC or server to run permanently, it means no IT updates and maintenance
  • Access anytime, anywhere from your mobile
  • Fastest solution on the market with an ultra-low internal latency below 1 ms to improve your trading performance
  • Suited for High Frequency Trading perfectly fits Asset Managers' and Signal Providers' needs
  • Live monitoring service and live chat support 24/7

Combine brokers, account currencies and technologies

Hundred of brokers are supported no matter the technology used and the instrument you want to trade.

  • Free choice of the brokers to use for you and your clients
  • All the brokers using MT4, MT5 or cTrader are supported, FXCM and LMax are available, too
  • Trade all the instruments offered by your broker, including Forex, CFDs, Crypto, Metals, Commodities, Stocks, Volatility Index,…
  • Mix Real and Demo accounts to test your strategy
  • Unlimited number of Master and Slaves accounts
  • Manage each account in the preferred reference currency USD, EUR, JPY, CHF,…

Manage risk of the copied trades

Easily define the trade size to copy for each slave using our advanced risk management tool.

  • Set a different and independent Risk Factor for each Master and Slave
  • Define groups of Slaves with a similar Risk Factor
  • Even configure risk for a specific symbol
  • Select the Risk Factor method of your choice:
    1. Auto Risk (on Equity, Balance or Free Margin)
    2. Multiplier (Notional) or Multiplier (Lot)
    3. Fixed Lot
    4. Fixed Leverage (on Equity, Balance or Free Margin)

Access to advanced copy trading features

Discover all the features of Duplikium Trade Copier and Mirror Trading platform to assist you to improve your trading and account management.

  • Transform a losing strategy to a winning strategy using the Reverse Trading option
  • Define Blacklist/Whitelist to filter symbols to be copied
  • Apply some particular settings on specific symbols
  • Set Global Account Protection to protect your equity
  • Easily switch to Open Only, Close Only or Frozen mode
  • Choose your preferred Server Location (France, Frankfurt, London LD4, New-York NY4 or Singapore)

Use all the arsenal of order management

Trade as usual on your Master account, all the main orders' types are supported.

  • Copy Market, Instant and Pending Orders like Limit and Stop
  • Manage your risk using Protection Orders like StopLoss or TakeProfit
  • Update or delete of Pending or Protection Orders is possible anytime
  • Partial Close is supported for all brokers
  • Close directly the Slave position from Duplikium’s website
  • Manual trading in the Slave account still possible
  • Receive alerts when the connection to your broker is lost or when an order fails

Use the Trade Copier according to your needs

The tool is designed for all types of professionals

  • Standard Trade Copier - Fully manage Masters and Slaves
    1. You register Slaves yourself in the Trade Copier
    2. You define the trade size to copy and other settings for your Slaves
  • Provider/Follower - Two distinct access for Provider and Follower
    1. You configure your Provider account and manage trades
    2. Your Followers add their broker account using their credentials and define their Risk Factor to follow your trades
  • Web API - Access to our advanced technology through a RESTful API
    1. Build and host your own control panel connecting your own application or website to our Trade Copier server
    2. Manage trading accounts and Risk Factor, get orders, open and closed positions
    3. Designed for White Label platform or Signal Provider

Affordable pricing for businesses of all sizes

Start free and upgrade when you’re ready!

  • Just register for free and start to copy trades in 3 minutes
  • No setup fees, nothing to install, nothing to pay
  • You have the choice between flexible plans:
    1. Free Plan: for 1 Master and 1 Slave, with volume restrictions and less features.
    2. Flexible Plan: you pay per account connected without any restrictions
    3. Prepay Plan: you pay for the volume copied no matter the number of Slave accounts. Interesting for small accounts
  • Online payment by Credit Card, Paypal, Skrill and Bitcoins (only for Prepay)
  • Automatic renewal. You can cancel your plans at anytime if necessary