1. What do I get with the Duplikium’s FREE subscription?

With a free subscription you can connect a maximum of 1 Master and 1 Slave. The "Free" subscription is limited in term of daily (10 lots or 20 orders) and monthly (20 lots or 50 orders) trading activity. If the daily or monthly limit is reached, the trade copier will stop to copy new trades. With the free subscription, the trade copier will not copy protection (stop-loss and take-profit), however pending orders like stops and limits will be copied.

2. What do I get with the Duplikium’s paid subscription?

With a paid subscription you can connect additional Slave accounts to your Master(s). Subscriptions are on a per account basis: 1 subscription for 1 Slave. We also offer packs of 5, 20 or 100 Slaves at a preferred price. More info about our trade-copier packs here.

2.1. Light, Unlimited, Prepay

All subscription's types offer the same functionalities. The difference lies in the daily/monthly orders or volume restriction. The "Unlimited" subscription is absolutely unlimited, you can trade or update orders as much as you want without any limitation. The "Light" subscription offers all functionality but you are limited regarding the number of orders and volume per day/month. The "Prepay" plan offers a very flexible use of the trade copier, it will especially fits for small accounts: you just make a deposit in your Duplikium eWallet and then you will be debited for each order depending of the trade size.

2.2. Included free monthly volume and trades

Free subscription: 10 lots or 20 orders per day, 20 lots or 50 orders per month

Light subscription: 20 lots or 5orders per day, 100 lots or 500 orders per month

Unlimited subscriptionno restriction

Prepay: no restriction

2.3. Additional volume/trade cost

If you reach the daily/monthly limit, your subscription behave like a "Prepay" plan and we will debit your eWallet for each additional trade at a rate of 2 EUR per additional lot. 1 lot = 100'000 EUR/USD equivalent. If your eWallet is empty, the trade copier will stop working (except for closing orders).

2.4. The eWallet

The eWallet is used to pay for the volume exceeding your subscription's included monthly and daily volume/trades. The charges are on a per trade basis. If the Wallet is empty, no new trade opening a position will be accepted. However, you can always close existing positions.


2.4.1. Where to find the eWallet?

You can find the eWallet by logging on the website and by going in the "Cockpit" section “Reporting” and "Fees". See picture:

Trade Copier Prepay eWallet


2.4.2.  How to make a deposit on the wallet

Click on the “Recharge your eWallet”. See picture:

Recharge your trade-copier eWallet


Then you can select one of our Prepay amount and pay with Paypal or Skrill:


Prepay trade-copier plan

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